Free Government Phones

The federal government sponsors a wide range of initiatives to ensure that all people have access to basic needs. These opportunities may include medical care, education, housing, communication, transportation, among others. Free government phones are allowing low income families access to emergency services at no cost. It should be noted that these cell phones are not just provided by the government but rather, a collaboration with privately owned network providers.

The government sponsored lifeline program offers a number of free minutes every month. The plans vary depending on the number of minutes and text messages you require. This opportunity has been extended to tens of millions of Americans across the all 50 States. In order for one to qualify for this program, there are a number of necessary qualifications. First, one must be within a low income bracket. If you are already on a government sponsored program like Welfare or Medicaid then you qualify for the Lifeline program. People in low income brackets may not be able to afford the high cost of owning a cell phone.

Free government phones have given hope to people who could not afford cell phone service before. By receiving free minutes every month. Most programs offer around 250 free minutes. This ensures that everyone has access to a cell phone in an emergency situation. In addition, the 911 emergency response can be dialed free of charge from any phone. The ability to access these cell phones has ideally brought hope to the hopeless.

Another way in which free mobile phones seem to have benefited people is the ability to communicate with friends and family. Every person wishes to stay connected despite the distance.